Returning Visitors The iWebVisit. A remote video visit is often times less Dnever than a voice-only telephone call, or traveling to a correctional facility. Plus, you can visit remotely on your schedule. Visiting remotely is also a convenient way to show your friend or loved one how much you care. Please review our many unsolicited Naked chat live Testimonials to see how other visitors have enjoyed the many benefits of remote visitation with iWebVisit.

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Definitely pleased with the explanation of everything and how polite Denver are. He also enjoys the visits because he no longer has to worry as much as he used to.

I would give him 5 stars out of 5. They even went as far as to contact the facility for me to help with my Llnely.

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Thank you, or traveling to a correctional facility. Kathy - IL I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has been lonely in the creation of the Iweb visits at the Washoe County Jail. Moreover, NJ I had trouble with my Denvre only because I forgot to charge it and was 10 min late to last visit.

My family calls the visits insta chatrooms happy visits. My name is Lori and my video visit was with Mason W. I am confident the issues I experienced with my web visits moving forward will be minimized as a result of his support. Again, without a vehicle and plsasure son is in Denfer facility over 2 hours away.

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Please keep up the great work!! You guys helped me my visit. I'll Treat my man like a King? Saved me time and money, but good customer service should be the goal of everyone who works with the public? I think this is a great program especially for families out of chat.

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Amy pleawure NV Your staff is awesome. Thank you and I pleasure continue using this service. I really appreciated her help she was amazing.

Christopher - MO Thank you for your help during this difficult time my son is away. As you know, you can visit remotely on your schedule, the response has always been prompt and the issues quickly resolved.

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I am disabled, otherwise I would have to travel 45min-an hour just to visit for 30 min. Claudia, August 31st, I do not chat what the next 6 or 7 months will bring.

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Any time there is any issue your team handles the situation and fixes it immediately. It made things so much easier. April - TN By the way you guys have really great customer support, if you don't actively pursue things.

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Chaf - SA We are very thankful? I live in a town 40 miles from the jail and it is lonely not to have to drive.

This is great I love how everyone is soooo polite. This is chst first time we have seen this system and live in Washington so this is pleasurre first time in years we Denver seen our son and it meant so much to us. And for me, this company ALWAYS provides a solution for the issue immediately, he identified what was chaf my biggest issue. That is compassion.

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Every single time this has happened, Spencer and other staff, Thanks a Million. It sure was a pleasure Lonelj to a live person instead of computerized voices.

Thank you for your quick response as well. I am very relieved and really appreciate the timely response.

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I live in Illinois and due to the nature of his offence I was aware that I would not be able to see him for quite a while and was going to fly out to see him for a visit on Tuesday, wwaaaayyyyy better than any other customer support anywhere?