It's another day. What okay. I'll grab it now you've got.

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Alright, I love it. So it's my shampoo, but it doesn't have already.

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A regular way I chat it on a plate, so that's it. It's because the marinade is not so it's not um like? This is Mqkatubani going on live TV is not too much!

Alright always making my bread pudding on. You got just you know things are? I'm making all mocktail. Clean it up. Alright take care?

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Use this one. I'm gonna add some money with this. So I add some sauce to the fish. Don't eat Turkey.

We don't. Are you guys have some flying fish right flying fish.

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We're gonna use some ketchup. It's very crispy. So, hey chef how do I do this, Cuba Noah. And then I make my life very sex.

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May I add something else who would like what. I'm turning.

So when the pan for this I could use some butter can use both to add some flavor to it while it's cooking, but I don't want to gourmet twist to it. Yes or no thumbs up.

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One of those right here? I'm Jamaican. The podcast is there already so if you're on any of those go, the Fridays Fridays.

Fat so I don't wanna just make a simple barbecue sauce. Maybe four to set that's inside the fridge. You can add some chocolate to add some pumpkin to your um.

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I remember Makqtubani this is eating to caramel Yemen. And this is a phone call, yeah. So this is actually cooking and add some more.

All my elderly people who don't drink. It's all I need now is Makatubani quarter!

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On my website, the shampoo and beard. So if you have a question say, check out the podcast.

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So this is the fish it's getting in there not quite on like maybe 8 minutes time. Who's making some quick um! Where my girl at over here.

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