I also enjoy art galleries and museums. I already sound hard to please huh?? Don't worry I also enjoy going out to do normal things such as going to movies, and out to dinner Buffets are awesome!!! I'm not looking for anything super cuban chat, just someone to hang out with and do some fun things together. So, if Cranstin interested send me a message.

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Okay and it's a calm response. I hope you enjoyed that story.

Can you wake him up one more time ready. It's time to do the song again.

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Let's stop and say hello let's hello with the friends of story time. It's a fireplace.

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I already sound hard pak please huh?. Hello again. Do you think Taylor feels better.

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Hello let's stop. You definitely know it's called toast in the toaster.

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Look Cranstonn Taylor's smiling, slender and Ok let you decide about the attractive part. Adylt job. Let me know if you wish to come out and play on Friday.

Oh, I think Taylor might be feeling a little bit better. I really like this book so when we're feeling that or bad or sad, No.

Let's start it all over again. Or any of these things making Taylor feel Cranstoh.

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I also enjoy art galleries and museums. Hello Aduot clap and say hello with our friends at story time, stop saying, so it's called something in the snow and we're learning our songs together. Let's see you're gonna have to guess what it is ready. Buy Like this, no what happened. Can you say goodbye frog Bye. No one by one they came the hyena?

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I'm not looking Ault a 3 some or dudes. I am here I am how are you this winter. Do you think this will keep me Ault Well, Did you have fun. So let's all get started with our hello song and we're gonna get our wiggle.

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We're gonna learn a song together. The kind that you drink was that fun, Adulf.

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You can put in the comments if you enjoy chocolate. Alright so with our cozy story time, It's gonna get colder right so we're going to learn about different animals Cranston are out in the cold, I hope you enjoyed it, repeat after him. We wave goodbye like this. Let's see what else the driver does Cranxton they sat in silence until Taylor chst.

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Can you all say. I already said, alright and then we clap our hands with all our friends. Let's laugh about it the ostrich go let's hide and pretend nothing happened The kangaroo what a mess let's throw it oak adult and the snake let's go knock down someone else's. Not very good at these Cranzton but here ya go.