Woocommerce coupon shortcode

woocommerce coupon shortcode

whether use of Coupon is enabled in your store. Also, check by switching your theme. Go to Coupons Search for and select coupon created in above step,.e., GenerateCalledStoreCredit. Improved receiver details form Back to top You can send a store credit to yourself or gift a store credit to someone else. Features available in WooCommerce core can resend some emails to customers, such as the Customer Invoice.

WooCommerce allows you to render coupon information and show content based on the validity of coupons.
Customers can be motivated to proceed with their purchase, offering them to use specific coupons.
WooCommerce comes with several shortcodes that can be used to insert content.

woocommerce coupon shortcode

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Attributes code : (required) one or more coupon codes, separated by comma, * can be used for all published coupons type : (optional) the coupon type (see below) order : code (default) or ID orderby : ASC (default) or desc Allowed types (for the type attribute) : Specific coupon types: fixed_cart, percent, fixed_product, percent_product, sign_up_fee, sign_up_fee_percent, recurring_fee, recurring_percent Coupon. If you want to create a credit-based coupon, Store Credit or Gift Certificate, use Store Credit/Gift Certificate as the type. In the editor, youll now see smart_coupons with a few attributes added. Showing a coupon when the cart contents qualify for a coupon to be applied: coupon_is_valid code"superdiscount you qualify for a discount! Note: Customizations are considered Developer level.