What are goodrx coupons

what are goodrx coupons

price of a prescription. So I spent an hour or two researching how the company makes money. I just checked GoodRxs privacy policy and its confirmed many of my assumptions: Information Received From Pharmacy Benefit Managers. Given the price, I decided to use GoodRx despite my concerns about privacy. But here is the good part: HOW long DO WE retain THE personal information WE collect from YOU? RxGroup : This is for the PBM, this could be your employers identifier or whatever group the insurance company has put you. GoodRx can also make money from coupons offered by the drug maker. With my deductible I have to pay babyland coupon 150, the insurance company covers. At scale, GoodRx will try to benefit from this data by performing analytics on transaction history and demographics and selling the analytical data in some format to companies.

Print, Email or, text the coupon to yourself, or you can even use the. With GoodRx the same prescription cost me 75 total and all I had to do was show the pharmacist my telephone with the coupon info. Or to a data broker who does the same. GoodRx has stated many times publicly that they do not resell data: We /definitely/ dont sell personal information. This contains three things: RxBin : This tells the pharmacy who to bill. Pharmacists have the discretion to honor or refuse controlled substance coupons, but most of them (like 99) will take them, which is why we list them (and indicate that they may not be accepted). If you have any questions or problems with a coupon, please ask the pharmacist to call the Pharmacist Questions phone number provided on the coupon.

what are goodrx coupons

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